This page is where I will post any updates related to the organizations status. Achievements, donations, news, and anything else about WAKE UP’s advancements. 


Wake Up apparel shop created on http://www.mylocker.net/my/shop/wakeup/index.html  

A PayPal account has been created to more easily accept donations to the cause through the use of “buttons”, emails, and the ‘Pay Here’ app with the card swiping technology.

June 18

I have not been keeping this site up to date like I should. I’m not going to throw you excuses, I’m just going to be better at this. I can however, update everyone on the happenings in my life. I’ve been busy trying to come up with innovative ideas to raise money for my cause and I’ve decided that I’m going to write a book! Once it’d written, I am going to run it by a few publications and see if anyone likes it. If I can get a publisher great and if not, I’ll do it myself through Amazon. Either way, a portion of the proceeds will be treated like donations and, they go where you want them to go!

Another thing, I’m finally separating from the Marine Corps! So, I’ve been doing all of that paperwork for my medical retirement.


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