A Hero’s Mission


I have what my doctors call a “superhero complex“; I go out of my way to help others at the cost of my wants/needs. I enjoy talking and expressing my ideas, I have a desire to help people, I like meeting new people and most of all, I want to create change! I realized that these were all traits that could be used in creating a cause for change that will improve the lives of others. I understood what I wanted to do thus, WAKE UP was born!


I’ve decided to start a non-profit organization which I have called “WakeUp – A Narcolepsy Awareness Foundation,” which is the legal name, the trade name is simply “WAKE UP”. I want the public to wake up to the difficulties and hardships people with narcolepsy (PWN’s) face on a daily basis.


I created WAKE UP with the main goal of helping those unable to afford the treatment and medications needed to lead a normal life. The secondary goal is to educate people about what it really feels like to live with narcolepsy. I understand that there are other, more established sites that do the same thing. I even reference them in my resources page. But despite their efforts and hard work, there remains a large number of the population who are unaware of their existence and their causes. This no fault on their part but, that is why WAKE UP now exists. I want to help them extend that reach of raising awareness and improving conditions for those suffering from narcolepsy.


It’s easy to say “all donations will go to those who need it“, but I want to do something different. I want to leave it up to you to decide where the donations go. Whether you donate by clicking the link to iGive.com or you want to make that donation through paypal, you donate and tell me where you want it to go. Your choice should relate to narcolepsy or at least neurological disorders, that’s the only requirement. I will offer you proof of your donation in whatever method you prefer, be it email of the receipt, text message, announcing it to the world on this site, or a phone call; it’s your money, your donation, and your choice!

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